Have you imagined a pool in your backyard? If you’ve seen a lot of pool pictures and wondered what would your backyard look like with one of those pools, it means you are no longer in the fence. You want a swimming pool, and we, at Urban Pool Services believe that you can have a pool, and not just any pool, the pool of your dreams!

Designed and thought exclusively for you, we can make the pool you want and deserve a reality, advising and supporting you throughout the process, from getting a 3D design, obtaining permits for construction or remodeling, even, helping you with the weekly maintenance service once your pool is finished.

We want to guide you by telling you:

Things you most know before making the investment

1. Cost: How much will it cost me?

It is the first thing that comes to mind, however, although it is an important question should also go along with another question: What am I going to get from that investment? The better the quality of the materials you choose, the better the final finish of your pool, you should always be advised by specialists in the area so that you do not fall into the trap of many sellers to buy low quality products or products you do not need.

Sand, stones, cement, wood, cardboard, formwork material, tiles, paint, pipes; the real specialists in construction and remodeling of swimming pools have contact with the best distributors in the market in terms of price/quality, so if you are working with a company, you can rest assured that they will take care of it.

2. Maintenance: maintaining a swimming pool goes beyond adding chlorine to the pool water

Maintaining a swimming pool, it is also review of equipment, chemical evaluation of the water, emptying of baskets, cleaning of filters. All this must be taken into consideration because depending on the type of pool you decide to build, the materials and the system you use, you will need a different type of maintenance.

Swimming pools lined with Diamond Brite are easier to maintain than a plastic lined pool even though the cost of building a plastic lined pool is lower. However, we will always be at your disposal to perform the specific cleaning for your pool type.

3. Construction Time

We know how important it is to know how long it will take to complete a pool construction or remodeling project, because we must be able to adjust our budget over time to obtain greater accuracy. Generally swimming pool companies take longer to obtain all the permits than in the realization of the project, so once the permits are obtained the construction process will depend on the type of pool you choose, as well as the company to which you entrusted the task.

4. Authorizations and regulations:

Finally, as you will have read in the previous point, it is essential to work with professionals who guarantee that you will obtain all the permits for the construction or remodeling of your pool and that you know the local, state and federal regulations regarding the ownership of swimming pools. Ignorance could lead you to lose time and money and could paralyze the project until these permits are obtained.

Don’t wait any longer and start designing your pool.

At Urban Pool Services we will make your dream pool come true, we have the best solutions and we have the trained and reliable staff that will guarantee the job.