Summer is About to Start

Summer is about to start, classes are over, the kids will be home and you know what that means? Time to enjoy the pool! But how can you enjoy the pool when you realize that the bottom, the floor, or the walls are a little green and more when you realize that it’s because of the algae in the pool that have been generated without you noticing.

Swimming pool algae are microorganisms that can damage the health of your family if not treated quickly, the problem is that you do not realize that your pool has algae until they are already growing there, which by then, it is too late. However, here we will show you how to clean your pool so that you can enjoy the summer with peace of mind.

How to Clean a Pool?

The first thing you should know is that cleaning a pool is not as easy as it sounds, we usually recommend that you hire a pool company to take care of cleaning and keeping your pool healthy. That said, with the steps we’ll show you today you’ll be able to clean your pool on your own and not have to worry about any more algae in your pool.


Steps to Cleaning Your Pool Yourself:


1. The first thing you need, in addition to the knowledge about what to do which you have already found in this blog and in all the other pages and articles you have read up to here is to get the tools you need for the task: pool brushes, mops, pool vacuum cleaner, nets, pH meter, special pool disinfectant and finally, your best friend in chlorine cleaning.

2. Once you have all the necessary tools to clean your pool you will proceed to brush the walls and floor of the pool, this will help remove particles adhered to the pool and increase the effectiveness of cleaning.

3. With the pH meter, check the pool values to verify that the water chemistry is correctly balanced within the established parameters (7,2 -7,6). If they are not, you must add the amount of chemicals needed for the water to be balanced and after a few hours repeat the test.

4. Check the condition of your pool equipment, the pump and the filter are very important for the circulation of water and the chemicals that you can add as they are the ones that will carry throughout the pool through the piping system.

5. Generally when the green algae of swimming pools disappear with the use of chlorine although there are occasions in which a special algaecide was needed for the type of algae that it presents, nevertheless, after verifying the system of circulation of the water, give a treatment of chlorine to your swimming pool pouring a higher dose to the amount of chlorine established according to the volume of water of your swimming pool.

6. After adding chlorine to the water, run the pump and circulation system for 24 hours, this will make the chlorine reach all areas of the pool, floor, walls and corners where it is usually where algae begin to generate. If you do not do this there is a great chance that the algae will be generated again as they have not been completely removed.

7. Once all this process is finished, let your pool rest for 1 or 2 days so that the level of chlorine in the water stabilizes at normal levels to be used by you and your family.

So you know, with these steps we have described you can have your pool ready for the summer. But if you are still not decided and you are thinking of hiring a pool company to take care of the task, Pool Services Miramar will perform all the services that your pool needs to be completely clean and healthy.