Why is it important to vacuum your pool?

When you own a pool you understand the implications: Regular Maintenance Routines. Each and every one of them is equally important, so we must always perform these tasks properly.

Many people don’t know it but vacuuming our pool is a necessary task to keep it free of all types of debris and contaminants.

A Pool Vacuum Cleaner is a special tool that connects to a pole and has a hose that cleans debris from the bottom of your pool. There are two types of vacuum cleaners, automatic and manual. However, even if you have an automatic vacuum, sometimes the pool will have to be vacuumed manually. This is an important aspect of keeping your pool completely clean.

To have a clean and healthy environment in your pool, you will need to vacuum it routinely. However, most pool owners could make mistakes when vacuuming their pools. That’s why it’s important to know these tips to vacuum your pool properly.

1. If your pool is very dirty

Do not use an automatic vacuum cleaner in a heavily soiled pool. Doing this will only get the vacuum to jam. First it is vacuumed and cleaned manually and then the automatic vacuum is placed in the pool to make it work. However, you may have to vacuum your pool manually once a month, even if you have an automatic pool cleaner installed.

2. Use a Nylon Brush with Vacuum Cleaner

Another important aspect of vacuuming your pool is that it is essential to use a nylon brush with the vacuum cleaner.

The brush will keep the pool even cleaner and will help remove debris that is not normally achievable with a normal vacuum cleaner. A pool technician knows exactly what to do with each type of pool to keep it ready for use at all times. If you want to try this yourself, please do not use a stainless steel brush, as they are too abrasive to your pool and could damage the surface.

3. Always keep the Pump in the Filtration Cycle.

Keep the pump running in the filtration cycle and leave it running when you are vacuuming. Start at the shallower end of the pool and slowly work the vacuum across the pool back and forth, ending at the deep end.

4. Take your time to vacuum

You’re not in a cleaning competition and you’re not competing for the pool cleaning speed record. So, take your time. The rush will simply lift the debris, which will reduce visibility and take hours to resettle, leaving you in a tight spot for another pool vacuuming session.