Hire the Best Pool Cleaning Service

You will no longer have to worry about cleaning your pool, we at Pool Services Miramar will take care of everything your pool needs to keep it in excellent condition and provide you with a pool with clean blue and crystal clear water.

If you need to get rid of algae or are tired of having dirt on the bottom of your pool we will take care of it. We are the only pool service company that offers all pool cleaning services for the same price.

Our Pool Cleaning Service consists of the following services:

– Clean tile

– Brush tile

– Brursh Walls

– Leaf Rake

– Leaf Vacuum

Vaccum Pool/Spa

– Blackwash Filter

– Test Water Chemistry

– Balance Water

– Empty Pump

– Empty Skimmer Baskets

– Inspect Equipment Room

– Monthly Filter Cartridge Clean up

Try Our Pool Recovery Service

If your pool is green, has algae, black spots or you have just moved to a house where the pool was totally neglected, do not worry, with our pool recovery service we will leave it better to when it was new very quickly.
All chemicals and materials necessary for the services we perform are included in the service fee and are provided by us.

Totally Guaranteed

Our staff is fully trained and qualified to solve all the problems that your pool can present quickly and efficiently without adding extra costs as other companies would.

So we are the most reliable option when hiring a pool cleaning service of High Quality and Totally Guaranteed.


Pool Services Miramar, Cleaning and Maintaining your pool at the Best Price!