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With over 30 years of Pool Service Experience, Pool Services Miramar is prepared to solve any pool problem you may have. Do you need pool cleaning in Fort Lauderdale? Davie Pool Maintenance? Swimming Pool Remodeling in Pembroke Pines? We are your trust company. Do you need a certified Pool Builder? We do the best pool construction and pool remodeling work in all of Broward County.

Pool Cleaning

Pool Maintenance

Pool Remodeling

Our Pool Cleaning Service consists:

– Clean tile– Brush tile– Brursh Walls– Leaf Rake– Leaf Vacuum– Vaccum Pool/Spa– Blackwash Filter– Test Water Chemistry
– Balance Water– Empty Pump– Empty Skimmer Baskets– Inspect Equipment Room– Monthly Filter Cartridge Clean up

Try Our Pool Recovery Service

If your pool is green, has algae, black spots or you have just moved to a house where the pool was totally neglected, do not worry, with our pool recovery service we will leave it better to when it was new very quickly.
All chemicals and materials necessary for the services we perform are included in the service fee and are provided by us.

Pool Service Guaranteed

All our pool services are fully guaranteed by our customers and our years of experience. Hiring a good pool company is very important because they are the ones who will provide a clean and healthy pool for you and your loved ones.

So we are the most reliable option when hiring a pool cleaning service of High Quality and Totally Guaranteed.

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