Every pool owner knows that there are duties to be met rigorously, but let’s face it, many times we do not know the reason for all that; we simply accept that the pool water requires certain things to stay clean and that is enough for us. But…

Why is so important a regular pool maintenance?

We must always bear in mind that the physical and chemical treatment are the methods of control and treatment of pool water that allow ideal water quality, with guarantees for our health and for the environment.

The physical pool maintenance is done through physical cleaning (Brushing, Vacuuming, Filter and tile cleaning, etc) and by pool circulation system.

The latter is the main means to eliminate from water all those scums that are usually contributed by the wind or bathers, and sometimes from their “spontaneous” appearance in the water.

When we bring up  physical  pool maintenance,  we refer in general to eradicating all those particles such as dust, vegetable debris, hair, dead skin cells, various cosmetic products, etc …

The importance of regular pool maintenance is given in that, if the water in the pool is not done or done badly, it will have grave quality problems and it will quickly deteriorate.

a part of the matter that enters the pool is inorganic or inert, (biologically
speaking) the large majority is not, so it must be talked out from the pool as
quickly and efficiently as possible.

We must comprehend that the problem of contamination by “physical” way is inevitable and increasing from the moment the water is poured into the pool.

Every day, with or without use, the pool will be possessed by foreign material, carried by the air itself, insects, birds, and above all people.

At a point of saturation, there is also a point of non-return, in which the pool becomes precarious, sometimes being needed to empty it.

When we talk about pool maintenance we also refer to chemical treatment. We must comprehend that testing and proper balancing of your pool water is vital not just for sanitation, but also for safety and the longevity of your pool.

To be able to enjoy the pool water in perfect conditions it is indispensable to treat it correctly, for this it is important to know how to analyze it well, since a suitable analysis of the key parameters will allow to adjust the treatment and the real needs of the water in your swimming pool.

Having established that pool maintenance attends to different problems such as to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and improve the pool experience it is commanding to treat the pool water frequently, both physically and chemically.

Also the unavoidable complement to ensure optimal results is to have professionals in the area that meets the highest standards in Pool Cleaning Services in Miramar Fl.

The chemical factors that must be measured, as well as the recommended levels of each are:

Total Alkalinity80-120 ppm
Calcium Hardness100-400 ppm
Cyanuric Acid:30-50 ppm
 Chlorine1.0-3.0 ppm
Bromine2.2-6.6 ppm